Thursday, April 10, 2008

Meeting up

Hello, my name is Joe Bennett and my 1st mate and partner is Annie Higson. We were friends growing up in Carmel, Ca. in the summer of '64, I had a crush on her but she was going out with my room mate. We didn't see each other for the next 30 years until one evening I heard her laugh in a restaurant, well, the rest is history.
I was drafted into the Marines and joined the Navy in 1964 Served as Hospital Corpsman on the Aircraftcarrier, "TICONDEROGA" off the coast of Viet Nam. Annie went to college and worked in the restaurant, bar business.
I was a 20 year veteran Alaskan commercial fisherman until the Exxon Valdez oil spill wiped me out. I hold a current masters 100 ton sail/power license and am a Padi Dive master. Helped raise 2 sons fishing in Alaska during the summer and cruising, chartering an old Rhodes design, woody, "PATRONILLA" during the winter months from Homer, Alaska to Monterey, Ca. to San Diego's America's Cup in 1992.
Annie has commercial fished in Alaska, spent years in the restaurant business and currently is busy with property management. She is involved in every aspect of this venture, she works in the bilge, stands her own watch, goes to the top of the 65' mast and "cleans up after me" as I go from one project,(mess, her words) to another :-)
Annie is willing to discuss this with any women interested. Annie is my 1st mate, partner and best friend for the last 15 years.

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